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Institute of Compliance Officers


Professional Designations

  There are 4 professional designations to be provided by the institute:

  1. Certified Compliance Officer (“CCO” or “注冊合規師”)

  2. Certified Governance Officer (“CGO” or “注冊企管治理監事”)

  These professional designations will be conferred upon those lawyers and accountants who have successfully completed the relevant Practising Certificate in Compliance and Licensing ("PCCL") for CCO, and those professionals who have passed the same examination of the PCCL for CGO.

  The difference in terminology is to signify that, being lawyers or qualified accountants, they have been trained for being particularly cautious at professional misconduct eg. AML (Anti Money Laundering), KYC (Know-Your-Client), breach of code of conduct, etc. Whilst Governance signifies the aspect of corporations looking to bring enhancement of adopting best practices in organization behavior, on the contrary, Compliance has certain important precision-driven implications for enforceability and penalties expected of from regulatory authorities, in case of default/deficiencies in risk controls.

  3. Provisional Compliance Officers (“PCO”)

  This will be conferred upon those qualified lawyers or CPAs who are provisionally accepted to take the PCCL exam and have attained 3 years compliance experience in order to become a CCO.

  4. Compliance Associate (“CA”)

  Those being engaged in the regulatory compliance industry in the financial market of Hong Kong.